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U-Shape Mixing Vacuum Dryer
U-Shape Mixing Vacuum Dryer

U-Shape Mixing Vacuum Dryer

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U-Shape Mixing Vacuum Dryer

Main Application
The U-shape mixing vacuum dryer is one of the main drying equipments that make various antibiotics, crystal and other granular materials in pharmaceutical and the chemical industries. It is especially applicable to drying strong adhesive material.
Structure and Characteristics
1. U-shape vacuum drier has a jacket to conduct heat. Its slot cover canopen automatically and heat at the same time. There is ahollow agitatorwhich can conduct heat inside the vessel, and this agitator rotatesclockwise and anticlockwise, then the material inside the vessel will fullaccp/ heated during forced mixing, speeding up the evaporation, andtake away the steam through vacuuming to dry.
2. The equipment can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastenoy PTFElined or other materials, and the jacket and heat insulation areall madefrom SUS 304 or 316 L stainless steel, both inside and outside walls arell polished, not only easier to clean to meet the sterile requirement ofmedicine, but also helping the heat conduction, shorten the drying time.
3. The equipment has bigger area for conducting heat, (Compared with thedouble-cone rotary vacuum dryer, it has over 1/3 more areas forconducting heat, with 70% loading capacity, 50% drying time less). It hashigh heat conduction coefficient, small covering area, and lots of otheradvantages.
4. Low operation cost. The secondary cycloidal-pin wheel reducer isapplicable for driving s power is 4KW which is 40% lower than that ofother driers of diferent types. Therefore, the driving power is low and thesped ratio is high, fss que can greatly reduce power consumption.
5. It is suitable for trea rrent of raw materials of high moisture. Due toforced mixing and heat
transfer, it is the most suitable for processingparticles and raw materials of high moisture. The block materils at theinlet will not agglutinate after finishing drying.
a universal batch dryer suitable for drying materials such as powders, granules, pastes and viscous slurries, especially when products are heat sensitive, contain solvents and are toxic or explosive.
The vapors are removed through a dust filter fitted on top of the vessel. This then prevents the dust from penetrating into the vacuum system.
drying heat-sensitive products
Sampler for taking samples from the product inside the dryer under vacuum.

Design / Calculation Software


Custom Service

➤Our Products for pharmaceutical and chemical industries
1. Multifunctional “Three in One” (filtering, washing and drying)
2. Crystallizing Tank, Reaction Kettle
3. Sterile double-cone dryer
4. Rake Vacuum Dryer /Paddle Vacuum Dryer
5. Plate-fin Heat Exchanger
➤Our advantage
1. Special Equipment: Pressure Equipment, Equipment made of anti-corrosion materials, Sterile Equipment
Equipment made of anti-corrosion materials includes: anti-corrosion lining plastic/ PTFE/ enamel,
2.Customized Design: Double-Cone in 20L-20m³
Rake Dryer (with mechanical seal) in 16 m³
DN300-DN600 “Three in One”
3.Design/Calculation Software
➤Scope of business
1. On-site Inspection
2.Technical Innovation Plan for Equipment Technical Improvement Plan for Equipment’s Structure Optimization Fast and Effective Solution to Equipment Malfunctions Highly Efficient and Precise On-site Construction Service Commitment to a Deadline in Customization A Full Range of long-term on-site technical maintenance service
3. Maintenance
4. Technical Solutions
5.On-site Testing and Training
6. Spare Parts

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