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SS304, SS316 Manufactured Vertical Pressure Nauta Conical Dryer
SS304, SS316 Manufactured Vertical Pressure Nauta Conical Dryer
SS304, SS316 Manufactured Vertical Pressure Nauta Conical Dryer

SS304, SS316 Manufactured Vertical Pressure Nauta Conical Dryer

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Nauta conical dryer is an efficient, fully sealed, multifunctional vertical vacuum drying equipment integrating drying and mixing, using the spiral belt to rotate and lift materials, meanwhile, simultaneously filling the conical jacket and the hollow spiral belt with the heat transfer medium (such as hot water, heat transfer oil, steam, etc.), so that the heated materials can be lifted from all around, and fall in the middle, then quickly and continuously turn over. The water vapor is taken away in time through vacuum pumping in the cylinder, so that materials can be dried and mixed in a short time.


Structural Features and Functions
1. Heated internally by the jacket and spiral belt, the heating surface of the equipment has been enlarged by 40%.
2. The single spiral belt agitator used in the equipment is a patented product of our company, which can achieve cycle-mixture from bottom to up with good performance of efficient forced heat transfer. When the material loading rate is 40% ~ *, the heating utilization of * can be realized. It is applicable for mixing and drying fine materials.
3. Completely sealed system, without pollution of foreign matter, high purity, especially applicable for mixing and drying of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs and sterile APIs.
4. The gap between the single spiral belt agitator and the container wall is so small that can effectively prevent materials from adhering to the surface of the container wall.
5. The conical cylinder structure with small angle is adopted to make discharge fast and clean, without accumulation.
6. Equipped with the blowback device
In the process of material drying, the dust raised is adsorbed on the vacuum trap, blocking the vacuum channel, and this leads to the extension of drying time. The lower the temperature is during the drying process, the shorter time it takes, and the less the impact on the material quality is. In view of all above, the single cone dryer developed by our company is equipped with a blowback device on the vacuum trap, which can keep the vacuum channel unblocked to shorten the drying time and improve the drying outcome.
7. The bottom discharge valve is the extraction kind with good performance of reliable sealing and vacuum drying
8. The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, good sealing, no lubrication leakage, simple operation, and long service life.
9. Strong adaptability: it is suitable for drying materials with high viscosity, poor heat penetration and easy to pill and agglomerate
➢The loading coefficient can be up to 80% of the effective volume
➢Large heat transfer surface and uniform heating of materials. The gap between the spiral belt and the cone is so small that can effectively prevent materials from adhering to the inner wall
➢Small shear force: no damage to materials with high thermal sensitivity or high requirement on particle size
➢Online SIP, CIP and online aseptic sampling are optional

a universal batch dryer suitable for drying materials such as powders, granules, pastes and viscous slurries, especially when products are heat sensitive, contain solvents and are toxic or explosive.

The vapors are removed through a dust filter fitted on top of the vessel. This then prevents the dust from penetrating into the vacuum system.

drying heat-sensitive products

Sampler for taking samples from the product inside the dryer under vacuum.


Scope of Application



It is applicable to the concentration, mixing and drying of powder, granular and fiber in chemical, pesticide, dye, pharmaceutical, food, additives, and other industries, as well as materials requiring drying under low temperature (such as biochemical products), and it is more suitable for drying easily oxidized, volatile, heat sensitive, strongly irritating or toxic materials, or those crystals that are not allowed to be destroyed.

Design / Calculation Software


Custom Service

➤Our Products for pharmaceutical and chemical industries
1. Multifunctional “Three in One” (filtering, washing and drying)
2. Crystallizing Tank, Reaction Kettle
3. Sterile double-cone dryer
4. Rake Vacuum Dryer /Paddle Vacuum Dryer
5. Plate-fin Heat Exchanger
➤Our advantage
1. Special Equipment: Pressure Equipment, Equipment made of anti-corrosion materials, Sterile Equipment
Equipment made of anti-corrosion materials includes: anti-corrosion lining plastic/ PTFE/ enamel,
2.Customized Design: Double-Cone in 20L-20m³
Rake Dryer (with mechanical seal) in 16 m³
DN300-DN600 “Three in One”
3.Design/Calculation Software
➤Scope of business
1. On-site Inspection
2.Technical Innovation Plan for Equipment Technical Improvement Plan for Equipment’s Structure Optimization Fast and Effective Solution to Equipment Malfunctions Highly Efficient and Precise On-site Construction Service Commitment to a Deadline in Customization A Full Range of long-term on-site technical maintenance service
3. Maintenance
4. Technical Solutions
5.On-site Testing and Training
6. Spare Parts

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