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What are the advantages of W-type crystallization equipment design

October 26,2022

Application fields and characteristics of W-type Crystallization Equipment:

W-type Crystallization equipment  can be made of 304, 316L, titanium, Hastelloy, PTFE lined and other materials. At present, it is mainly used for the crystallization of refined naphthalene, borneol, lithium hexafluorophosphate, pharmaceutical, etc., and can also be used for other products. The equipment adopts jacket structure with large cooling area. The drum is equipped with a belt stirrer, which has fast cooling speed and high crystallization efficiency. At the same time, through the stirring action of the belt stirrer, all parts of the materials in the cylinder are cooled evenly to ensure uniform particle size after crystallization.

In order to improve the internal structure of the traditional crystallization equipment, the W-type crystallization equipment is designed to use the W-type head instead of the standard elliptical head commonly used in the past, and an air cylinder structure is added in the tank. The temperature of the material in the tank is controlled by the hot fluid flowing through the air cylinder and the jacket, instead of the traditional crystallization tank only relying on the jacket to control the temperature. This internal and external joint control effectively ensures the uniformity of the material temperature and improves the crystallization effect; The joint action of W-shaped head and air cylinder changes the internal flow field shape and has a good diversion effect; It ensures the full mixing of the materials and avoids the influence of excessive solute saturation on the crystallization effect; At the same time, the uniformity of the flow field significantly improves the change of the load on the blade, thus effectively reducing the risk of damage to the mixing shaft.
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